BS 7121-7:2019


Code of practice for safe use of cranes. Bridge and gantry cranes, including light crane systems
standard by BSI Group, 09/27/2019

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This part of BS 7121 gives recommendations for the safe use of the following general-purpose crane types:

a) top-running bridge crane;

b) under-slung bridge crane;

c) gantry crane:
1) portal; and
2) semi-portal;

d) light crane systems.

For the purposes of this part of BS 7121 bridge cranes, gantry cranes and light crane systems are allincluded under the term “cranes”. This part of BS 7121 is intended to be used in conjunction withBS 7121-1, which gives general recommendations for all types of cranes, and BS 7121-2 (all parts),which gives general guidance on inspection, testing and examination of all types of cranes.

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