BS 7212:2016


Code of practice for the safe use of construction hoists
standard by BSI Group, 01/31/2016

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BS 7212:2016 gives recommendations for the installation, maintenance,examination and operation of construction hoists, including hoistway protection,and on the management of these activities. It provides recommendations for theselection, planning, siting, erection, alteration and dismantling of hoists. It alsosets out the responsibilities of the various parties involved in all these activities.

This British Standard is applicable to temporarily installed, powered constructionhoists, having a carrier, the movement of which is restricted or guided by one ormore masts.

NOTE Such hoists are used to transfer persons and/or goods between definedlanding levels on sites of engineering and construction. They are not intended foruse as temporary working places giving variable height access to specific areas.

This British Standard is not applicable to:

  • rope driven passenger/goods hoists;
  • hoists with platforms without sides providing protection conforming toBS EN 12158-1;
  • inclined and vertical furniture hoists;
  • concrete skip hoists;
  • permanently installed lifts and hoists;
  • mast climbing work platforms;
  • mobile elevating work platforms;
  • gin wheels;
  • chain hoists and unguided wire rope hoists/winches;
  • runway beams;
  • suspended cradles;
  • building maintenance units;
  • wind turbine and tower crane access lifts;
  • belt and chain conveyors;
  • capstan winches;
  • hoists powered by direct drive internal combustion engines;
  • formwork hoist and climbing support system.

Cross References:
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